Marqués de Villa Museum Valdecilla

The natural and most important cultural Middle Cudeyo. Strolling through your garden is going back to the early twentieth century and know the life of an Indian family. A place where stories are mixed past and modern cultural activities, training and congress.

Finca del Marqués de Valdecilla

The White House, the Museum of the Marquis of Valdecilla. Image: Miguel Angel de Arriba. SRECD

Finca del Marqués de ValdecillaLa Finca

Con a surface of 15 hectares, the farm is an area which has a large garden, and six buildings constructed between the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to be the residence of Don Ramon Pelayo of Torriente, Marqués de Valdecilla. The farm was purchased in the year 2003 and fully recovered by the City of Half Cudeyo. In this space is a garden full of history. Wander freely in his ways, hear the sound of water at its source, observes his sculptures or sit together in the shade of towering trees. Do not forget to visit White House, which was home of the Marquis and currently houses a museum about her figure. Visitors can also see the Casuca and Casa San Rafael, two houses fully recovered showing the rooms and decor of the first half of the twentieth century. Rounding out the ensemble La Solana, one typical house architecture popular mountain, The Garage, Today the old garages converted into classrooms for training activities or La Cabaña, the old stables which are currently occupied facilities workshop Middle School Cudeyo.

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Ramón Pelayo de la Torriente

Ramón Pelayo of Torriente, Marqués de Valdecilla, was a skillful merchant from the town of Valdecilla, in Cantabria. Born in 1850, fourteen he traveled to Cuba and became a major sugar industry forward by technical advances in the industry, what makes travel to the U.S.. Cuba is home with Maria Teresa Stone Perez-Abreu and late nineteenth century home built around a cattle farm which will expand to other properties. In 1920 sold their business in Cuba and return to live until his death in Valdecilla 1932. His great work was the house that bore his name Health, Current Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla. In 2003 Middle Cudeyo City Council acquired the estate with all its cultural and natural heritage.

Museo del Marqués de Valdecilla

Museo Casa del Marqués de Valdecilla is a four-storey building in the whole of the Villa. Although the figure of the Torriente Ramón Pelayo is present in the permanent exhibition of the museum as its theme, space also addresses the Indian culture of those characters who emigrated to America and achieved economic and social success. Many of them return to their places of origin patronage conduct activities in the educational and cultural, sanitary, public work or in social. The exhibition is completed with a visit to The Casuca, Housing of Marquise de Pelayo and niece of the Marquis, y San Rafael, Guest house has hosted celebrities from history as Alfonso XIII or Primo de Rivera.

Finca del Marqués de Valdecilla

La Finca del Marqués de Valdecilla is a magnificent natural environment with a rich landscape heritage. The former private space of rest and shelter of the Torriente Ramón Pelayo, currently contains gardens, meadows and native and exotic trees great importance that visitors can access freely through the roads conditioners and accessible to any public. Its location in the hills of the town of Valdecilla offers exceptional natural lookout from where they can see, on clear days, a large area of ​​the region: from next Peña Cabarga and Castle Peak until Liérganes heads or summits high Miera.

Sala en el Museo del Marqués de Valdecilla

The environment and facilities of the estate of the Marquis of Valdecilla allows training event, product presentations, courses, movie sets, etc.. Conference, workshops classrooms or rooms are located within a natural environment of care 15 acres with ample parking. A 30 minutes from Santander, 15 minutes from the airport and next to the A7, Middle Cudeyo has a wide range of hotels, highlighting Solares spa hotel and numerous inns and farmhouses. If you are an organizer you are looking for something special within a flagship location and a different cultural, Finca Marqués Valdecilla Museum is your place.